Monday, April 30, 2012

Venetian flowers in watercolour

Flowers in Venice
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Watercolours on heavy weight watercolour paper, 50cms x 35cms.

It was my watercolour workshop today and we had a great time! Everyone did a great job exploring using watercolours in a vibrant and fresh way with paintings of Venice and a speckled hen!
I had forgotten how much fun watercolours are! All that juicy flooding paint and excitement! We used masking fluid, candles for wax resist and spattering. I have missed watercolours and I'm missing Venice too!

I'm also missing plein air painting! Today is the first day in two weeks it hasn't been pouring with rain, the fields are saturated and the roads flooded. Maybe I'll be able to get out and paint some mud again!
Off to Bréhat again in a few days time ready for our painting holiday! Now that's exciting and ... as long as the weather plays ball ... will involve lots of plein air painting! I've been studying the tide timetable to help me work out the best places and times for us to paint! :-)

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