Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tulips and teacup

Tulips and teacup
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I've been having watercolour fun today as you can see! Sunshine and showers all day today - more rain than sunshine it has to be said, but there were times today when my sunglasses were on, off, on, off... this is the joy of using a conservatory as your studio!

This watercolour painting measures 41 x 31cms and is available to buy at auction with free postage, click to bid. Auction price is $180, the equivalent of less than £112.


Here's a detail that I rather like from my oil painting that's on the go, really shows you the texture of the paint - I'd like to say a big thank you to Nancy Colella and Martine Alison for your encouraging remarks! :-)

I've had further good news today! Two of my three pieces entered have been juried in to the Patchings and The Artist annual exhibition at the Patchings Festival this year! I've entered a few occasions previously but never had any accepted so I am especially pleased! I will also be having my own stand at the Patchings Festival this year so I'm very excited about that, also a first! For those who don't know about Patchings I'll give you more info as it gets nearer!
The two paintings chosen for exhibition will be familiar to my regular blog viewers!

Union jack tea party

Painting from the model


  1. What a wonderful watercolor painting. So fresh and full of movement.
    Congrats again...this time for getting two paintings accepted. You are on a roll and I love it! Couldn't happen to a nicer artist.

  2. Great Haidee! Good to see some colour and great news on such a soggy... grey and dreary day!!

    Love the photo on your blog! x

  3. Thank you Julie, you're so kind! :-)

  4. Thanks Jo, what is going on with all this rain and a hosepipe ban?! x


Thank you for your words!

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