Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sunshine and showers

Sunshine and showers
Gouache on watercolour paper
9" x 13"

We survived the visit to the vets on the mainland. Maisie wasn't too happy, and spat out the anti-tapeworm tablets several times before we managed to get her to swallow, with the help of a syringe or two of water! Quelle bonne idée!
This afternoon I painted the old wreck, in gouache which I haven't used in probably 15 years or more!
Paint in tubes is pretty good at standing the test of time isn't it?
I really ought to be packing, and getting the house ready for our departure in the morning. Too soon :-(

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  1. I just saw this over at the DPW facebook page. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous watercolour!
    Have a happy creative weekend.


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