Thursday, April 5, 2012

The rocks of ile nord

The rocks of ile nord, hazy sunshine and strong, strong wind
Oils on deep canvas
25 x 25cms

You will not believe, looking at this painting, how strong the wind was, how I was holding on to my brushes and pochade box throughout with a very firm grip, how I could barely place a brushmark where I wanted without the wind swaying my arm, how cold my hands were and how many times I asked myself 'why am I doing this?'.
It's all true! I didn't expect to be wearing a hat and gloves in April!!
Ah well, at least it's not snowing here!
I think the painting turned out ok, against the odds!


  1. As someone said to me once, being uncomfortable can really make you focus and get the essentials down quickly- and well- this is so very beautiful and compelling!

  2. YOU are such an inspiration! This is a wonderful piece and beautifully executed- even if it was painful! Great job.

  3. Well said Taryn! It does focus the mind doesn't it?! Thank you so much Nancy!! :-)

  4. It's beautiful! Love your telling of the experience too


Thank you for your words!

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