Friday, April 20, 2012

Blossom and oilseed rape

Blossom and oilseed rape
Well thank you so so much for all the lovely kind emails and messages you have sent me saying congratulations! I am so truly touched :-)

For my friend in America who asked what the SAA is, it stands for Society of All Artists. It's a large society of 45,000 members, for anyone to join who loves to paint. They aim to inspire and encourage people of all abilities. They provide insurance for their members, a magazine six times a year, and discounts on artists materials. The website is

I did actually manage to focus and get some painting done today! I have finished this hedgerow painting from Monday. Working in the studio from memory I built up the colourful blossom flowers using the tip of a palette knife, increased the dark colours towards the bottom of the hedgerow where the flowers are less intensely clustered, and refined the background and sky. I'm really pleased with the overlapping colours and textures. Here's a close up of the paint surface...

I've also done a little tweaking and updating of my website lately, so I thought you might like to take a look if you haven't seen it for a while...

You might not know that I am on Facebook, my page is called Haidee-Jo Summers Artist, and recently on twitter too if you are a tweetie! @HaideejoSummers

Think that's enough to be going on with!!

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