Saturday, April 28, 2012

And then there was one...

Oils on canvas 16" x 16"

Ok, as I've said, I've been struggling with this one! I noticed the cool/warm, blue/orange colour scheme that I was running with and wondered whether the balance was too equal - equal parts of warm - cool. I did this little sketch which confirmed my suspicions.

Carried on working on it all morning yesterday, introduced some blues into the foreground rocks and then realised that all the things I couldn't get to work were to do with Daisy, the figure on the right! I was having trouble with her legs, her clothing, her head... It was looking like this at that stage -

 Briefly considered cutting the canvas off the stretchers, and ending up with this -

Then had the 'aha!' moment. After all, it's not even as if the girls seemed to be talking, each in their own world's... there was the big idea, Daisy had to go. (Sorry Daisy)
I do think it works now though - finished painting is at the top of this page.
And here's my favourite bit -

And I can't wait to run my hands over it when it's dry, very touchy-feely this one!

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