Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Venice breakfast and an English tea party!

Union jack tea party
Yesterday was my 'Paint a tea party' workshop in Dry Doddington! What fun! Thank you all for coming and thank you all my friends who provided cake stands and teapots! Thank you Waitrose for those lovely little cakes on sticks... I should have taken a photo before they were all painted then eaten!

I have finished my Venice breakfast, and here it is...

Venice breakfast
Oil on canvas board 12" x 16"

Went to Brehat at the weekend to collect my painting of Camille, 600 miles of driving and two overnight's on the ferry and all worthwhile for seven hours in paradise on Saturday! Then after the tea party I drove up to Doncaster with it where it is now in the capable hands of my lovely courier who will get it down to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters for me. I said I hoped he hadn't received too many entries for the exhibition... and he assured me there are plenty. Oh.
Here she is ready to go...

And more news... you're getting three days worth in one pop here!
My dear friend blogger Julie Ford Oliver from New Mexico awarded me a Liebster blog award! How kind! This is what she said about my blog .. 'Interesting and personal art viewpoints from a fun and talented artist who lives between England and an island in France' - why thank you!

As part of the tradition I get to nominate fellow bloggers whose work motivates and inspires me, and that have less than 200 followers, so I'm going with the Union Jack theme above and nominating three fellow Brits!
Please take a look at the blogs of...

Nigel Fletcher (who lives in France and produces beautiful work in watercolours and oils and I am lucky enough to own an original!),
Ken Devine (who lives in Nottinghamshire but plans to move to France one day, beautiful vibrant paintings and has just started painting out of the studio which I watch with interest!)
Penny German (any links with France Penny?! who lives in England although has moved around the world, paints lovely still life's and is a great online painting buddy support for me. Thank you Penny!

As well as enjoying the artwork of these talented painters by subscribing to their blogs you really get to care about them as individuals too as they share their thoughts and feelings. Power to your elbows guys!

So please take a look at them and don't forget Julie - she's an incredibly inspiring workhorse of an artist with so much information to impart!


  1. Thanks you Haidee-jo.
    Love the Venice and Union Jack paintings and I think your picks for the Liebster Bog awards are great.

  2. Thank you so much, Haidee-Jo. I've been out of the loop of late and have only just seen your comment.


Thank you for your words!

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