Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer in March

I had to paint plein air today. We are having weather like summer in March! It's so strange because it is hot and sunny every day and yet mostly the trees are still bare! The yellow flowers you can see are oilseed rape just starting to flower. I think the colour is fine in small doses like this but when all the fields are covered it's not the most attractive yellow in my opinion!
I had an hour and a half for this painting, en route to collecting the children from school. I may work on it a little more. I'd like to take it back and work on the spot but know I won't get a chance to before going back to Brehat on Monday. Tomorrow I'll be workshop planning, Friday teaching all day and Friday night and all weekend I'll be fully occupied with the Sleaford Art Event!

24 x 30cms, oils on canvas board


  1. Love your colours :-) too nice a day to work inside... Can't believe it's march, think april may make up for it though!

  2. I love this piece. The colors a wonderful.

  3. Thank you Julie and Nicky - I'm sure you're right! Hope it stays lovely for my Easter in France! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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