Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Start of something

It's not a great week for having oodles of painting time, it has to be said - teaching two all day workshops, attending one all day workshop, two parents evenings, workshop planning, online course I'm taking... you get the picture... so apologies if my blog looks a little sketchy and sporadic lately! We're going to Brehat soon for two weeks over the Easter break and so I promise you (and myself!) a couple of seascapes coming up!
In the meantime, this is new! Inspired by my 'Party girls' fast painting demo on Monday, I had a hunt for some photos that I'd taken which were similar in that they show children 'contre jour', that is, silhouetted against the light.
This is my god-daughter Gracie again, she's eating an ice lolly at the dining table but what really drew me to the subject was the light.
Now really I should be 'biting the bullet' and painting from children live and not from photos which is something I do want to be tackling more of. Anyway, I'm fired up by this for now and it feels great to be painting on this scale. It's 24" x 16" and as I've mentioned before it feels much more natural to me to paint around this size. I'm hoping to be able to keep to the same level of casual finish as 'Party girls', just capturing the essentials and leaving plenty to the imagination.
I thought you might like to see the photo that I'm working from so here it is together with the canvas;


  1. Love your posts! I wish I had more time to sit and read through them properly!
    Thanks again so so much for the painting of 'Sutton on Sea' and the beautiful cards.
    I keep looking them and it spurs me on...
    I must try harder to make more ME TIME! Time for
    making and blogging :-)
    But I already have a list of things to pick up from wickes tomorrow... nearly done the decorating...
    Painting from LIVE children... now there's a challenge x

  2. Very exciting not being perfectly finished...I love it!
    I agree it is easier to paint larger when you want a free and looser look.
    The one of the girls before is wonderful too.

  3. Thank you both! Good luck with making the time Jo! You'll get there, you have the will!

  4. Great semi abstract look to this - bold expressive and dramatic, Like the confident use of colour too

  5. I love the interpretation, Haidee-Jo. I admire the intuitive way you have painted this.

  6. Very nice and expressive painting. Like your interpretation of the photo. Sounds like all good things are going on. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.


Thank you for your words!

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