Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sleaford art challenge!

Sleaford art challenge
What fun I had this morning! Sleaford art challenge - six artists, one model posing with bow and arrows, two hours to complete a painting. I really enjoy this sort of thing, working alongside other artists, an audience, a time limit! We don't know what the subject will be until it all begins at 10.30. We stopped halfway through for a coffee and I still finished 15 minutes before the time was up. It must be all that practise painting faster that I've had recently!

It's three years since I last came here and did this, and it's lovely to see so many familiar faces from then!

I had my photo taken for the Sleaford Gazette - I should have asked them to mention my blog!

They've given me this huge table to display my work! How kind! Tomorrow morning I'm going to be doing a demonstration on the stage, haven't decided on subject yet. It is April fools day but I hope there won't be many pranks!


  1. Well done Haidee, you did really well with the bows and arrows painting much more difficult than the carnations we had last week


  2. Thanks Lynn! The two hours felt like ages though- I was actually pretty relaxed! ;-)


Thank you for your words!

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