Monday, March 5, 2012

Lola and Maisie in the studio

Sold Lola and Maisie in the studio
Picture this day... it's sunny outside, but extremely windy and cold. In the studio it's sunny and cosy warm! All the animals are in here - the whole gang, comatosed by the heat. I enter the studio. I'm surrounded by seven or eight unfinished paintings. What do I do? I get sidetracked. I'm far more interested in Maisie lying in the sunlight, Lola lying in the shade and the patterns of the fabric on the chair. Oh dear. Maybe the new e-course I'm about to undertake on setting goals will help me focus...

Oils on linen stretched canvas, 40 x 30cms

Working on the natural linen colour of the canvas (it had been pre-primed with a clear primer), I wanted to quickly establish the shadow and sunlit areas. They changed fast!

As the sun moved around it highlighted the top left corner of the chair, which I liked, so I put it in. I also lightened up the sunlit parts of Maisie's bed and as an afterthought, added the slippers!


  1. Beautiful! A very natural scene. Great sense of light.

  2. Love this! especially the chair, beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful the process.


Thank you for your words!

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