Thursday, March 29, 2012

Against the light

Ok so it's finished and it's not exactly as simple as I originally envisioned it! Best laid plans, and all that! This is why I need to paint children whilst sitting in front of said child because photos - well, they just don't move do they?
It needs a title and I'm just stumped. I like mainly practical, descriptive, tell-it-like-it-is titles for paintings. 'Hyacinth, carnations and roses', 'Sunset over paddock', 'Kev with ashtray and beer bottle', you get the picture. 'Gracie with ice lolly' does nothing for me though. I seem to do a lot of paintings of Gracie. Gracie with this, Gracie with that, Gracie with such-and-such. Maybe I should introduce numbers. Gracie no. 87.
Or then again, maybe I should ask you! You have read this far after all!
So what would you call it?

If you are in my area, I'll be at Sleaford Art Event tomorrow night (private view 7.30pm), all day Saturday and Sunday. It's at North Kesteven council offices with free parking and free entry. :-)


  1. Hi Haidee-Jo, I'm loving those portraits, you have such a strong unique style that I can really see you as a successful portrait commission artist. (although I love your landscapes too of course...). About the title, may I suggest something: an artist I love called Dominic Hills - which I truly recommend checking out - does beautiful paintings, usually of a nude woman with a busy but subtle background full of patterns, animals etc... Well, instead of calling his painting "nude 1", "nude2", he tends to call his painting from a random item usually quite hidden on the painting, like "bird cage" or "black dog" etc... In this instance, your painting could be called "red chair" or "pink gobelet" or "stripy t-shirt" etc... I like it because it makes the viewer "play" a little bit an wonder why you called it this way.

  2. Thank you for your ideas Valérie, I looked at Dominic's work and I really like it too! :-)

  3. The portrait really turned out so well! Love the composition, colours and backlighting!

    As for the tile, always difficult. Maybe 'Stripes, Checks and Curls,'

  4. Thanks Helen! I've had lots of suggestions for titles, such as 'All mine' and 'compensation'. I love 'stripes, checks and curls'. It's very appropriate because not only did I get carried away with the lovely patterns but people keep asking me if Gracie's hair really is that crazy! Which it is! Crazy but beautiful! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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