Monday, February 27, 2012

Sutton on sea with Maisie and Mabel

Sold Sutton on sea
I was missing the sea last week, so today Maisie, Mabel and I headed east, to Sutton on sea. It's a long drive from here, but well worth it I believe! So peaceful to be by the sea, every time.
Oils on canvas panel, 24 x 30 cms. Click to bid if you would like to know about the auction ;)
Maisie had a ball too, although what happened after she drank the sea water I do not even want to tell you... suffice to say, it wasn't pretty.

Beach hut studio anyone? mmm, me too!

Mabel, hard at it


  1. Hi there! I have fond memories of sutton on sea! Love your painting.... hope noone buys it just yet... am trying to work out if i can slip it into this months emergency fund! My grandparents lived in mablethorpe when i was little. mmm fond memories of the golden sands......

  2. It is a gorgeous place! The beaches in this part of Lincolnshire are amazing aren't they? Well worth an hour and a half's drive for a painting I think! I'll keep my fingers crossed... ;)


Thank you for your words!

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