Tuesday, February 21, 2012

San Giorgio Maggiore at night

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San Giorgio Maggiore at night
 No I haven't gone completely mad or been on a flying visit to Venice, but I have just found this plein air painting from 2010. I loved the way the San Giorgio Maggiore church was lit up at night so I took Mabel along (she was quite new then, and was carrying acrylic paints on that trip) and painted the view through the gently swaying gondolas at about ten pm. I had my friends with me and it was fun! They weren't painting but you know, laughing and dancing and twirling around at our good fortune to be there! :)

Today I've been painting my friend who is stuck at home with a chest infection and sinusitus. Too poorly to argue against me bringing my paints round, poor love. Unfortunately I haven't got very far with her face yet..

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