Sunday, February 26, 2012


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I've been at a workshop today painting from a model. This was quite a slow piece for me - I guess I spent around three and a half hours on it, and it's only small - 10" x 8". Oils on canvas panel. I had the luxury of time on my side, we had the model all day so I didn't want to rush. I looked and looked and looked and so carefully built up the colours and tonal values that I could see. Having placed a brushstroke of a certain colour I let it be, which is why I tried to be sure before I made a mark.
Hard work, all that intense concentration! I am very pleased with the results though :)
After that I did a fun piece which I'll post soon!
Tomorrow I'm going on a trip with Maisie and Mabel! I'm very excited!!


  1. Awesome painting Haidee-Jo! I love the energy in your brushwork. Excellent!


Thank you for your words!

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