Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Matilda and Callie

Matilda and Callie
There's the puppy, and her bone! Even though it was freezing cold outside today my conservatory studio was toasty warm with the underfloor heating on and the sunlight streaming in! I was feeling guilty for painting in such luxurious comfort so I sent myself out at dusk to paint the sunset, it was 0.5 degrees C but I was well wrapped! I'll be able to show you that soon but I can't get a photo of it tonight and it needs more work. The sun goes down way too quickly once it's made it's mind up that that's what it's going to do...

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  1. Lovely illustration. I also hate the freezing cold that got a hold of everything. I dream of a sunny summer afternoon and await it like the most precious thing ever.

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