Friday, February 3, 2012

Lincolnshire mud tracks series

Lincolnshire mud tracks 3
Painting three is finished in my mud patterns series. I'm really pleased with how it's all going. Who would have thought there could be so much colour in a muddy field? I'm seeing colours everywhere, brighter and more vibrant, the more I look for them. It's exciting trying to translate that into paint.
Camera's just don't see it the way I do! I was frustrated walking Maisie late this afternoon around this same area, with a light covering of snow remaining on the colder areas of soil and the sun setting. I was seeing pink on the snow, orange on the grass, snapping away with my phone but my phone just wasn't 'getting it' at all.
I need a really small and light pochade box for 'just in case' moments like this one when walking the dog... does anybody know where I can get hold of one that won't cost a huge deal? Let me know!

Here are all three 'muds' so far together, and tonight I am putting up for auction 'Lincolnshire mud tracks 1', so just 'click to bid' if you'd like to know more about purchasing it... Bon weekend!

Lincolnshire mud tracks 1

Lincolnshire mud tracks 2
Sorry, I am sold

Lincolnshire mud tracks 3
Not for sale presently

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  1. Psychedelic mud tracks-I love it. My favorite easel is James Coulter's:
    He has a small version.


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