Monday, January 16, 2012

Railway cottages at Carlton Scroop

I can't remember now who said this but I love it-
'Say what you need to say in a painting then get out. There is no need
to chatter on after you have made your point.'
This is a great example to illustrate the saying. When I started this
painting at 10am it was -1.5 degrees C. At 11.30 I was surprised to
find myself still comfortable and tempted to carry on, but realised if
I did I would only be 'chattering on'. So I stopped here.
Now, an hour before I started this scene was covered in frost and
extremely beautiful. I'd like to get out here earlier on another
frosty morning before the sun starts to melt it all.
Oils on canvas board 24 x 30cms

1 comment:

  1. Une très jolie peinture...
    Je suis tout à fait d'accord, aimer une peinture ne se discute pas et on ne peut pas savoir ce qui nous pousse à l'aimer...
    Un petit coin charmant que vous avez peint.
    Gros bisous


Thank you for your words!

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