Monday, January 9, 2012

The Ossington at Newark

I painted 'en plein air' in Newark today, one of our nearest towns. Newark has some beautiful architecture and this is my favourite building there. I always feel nervous painting in a public place for the first time and have to psyche myself up to do it! I started with some sketches and a coffee by way of procrastination! I was certain it was going to rain as the sky was so dark! Then I reminded myself that the vast majority of people passing had their own concerns and wouldn't be in the slightest bit interested in me, and I set up my pochade box on a wide stretch of pavement. As soon as I start I begin the conversation with the painting and couldn't care less about the bystanders! After a short time the clouds parted enough for the sun to illuminate the front of the building but oh my, did I get cold hands and feet standing there! I painted for about an hour and a half when I reached this point. By then my parking ticket had expired, the sun had moved round and my hands were blocks of ice! I'm pleased with what I've achieved in that time though. Tomorrow , after a visit to the vets with all three cats, I hope to continue with this in the comfort of the studio!


  1. Hi Haidee-Jo, Your painting is looking great! I have the same reservations about painting in public so I often seek out remote spots. I like how you call it "starting your conversation with the painting". It is so true though, once you begin everything else around you seems to fade away. I'm always so surprised how much time has passed while I paint.
    Can't wait to see your finished piece,


Thank you for your words!

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