Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mud glorious mud!

Well here we are in Lincolnshire again, and the children are having
their first day back at schools which they haven't set foot in for a
year! As I'm 'home alone' it's the first chance I've had for a while
to reflect, and reunite with my oil paints and pochade box. The main
difference I face here from my life on Bréhat is the school run, which
can take up to three hours of my time each day!! I'm hoping to shave
some hours off that 'with a little help from my friends'!
I've been striding out with Maisie in the local countryside, and the
first thing I've found exciting (pictorially speaking!) is this muddy
entrance to a field, with the fabulous abstract tracks and patterns of
reflected light from the sky. If we don't get snow soon I'll be on the
look out for mud I think, and there's plenty of that around here!
Oil on canvas panel, landscape, 18 x 24 cms


  1. Plenty of mud around here too! Even had to buy a new pair of wellies yesterday. You've taken a very ordinary subject and made something exciting and colourful out of it, well done, I like.

  2. I love your painting of mud! Especially the mud colours (wonderful grays) and abstract patterning created by the 'rows'. Wow.


Thank you for your words!

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