Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Matilda's puppy

I'm having a full-on time of it lately with necessary admin and planning. Yuk! I'd rather be painting but it's all part of the job description!
Yesterday I visited a friend and painted her daughter Matilda and as you can see I almost got the gorgeous bear-like puppy in too! I did luckily snap a photo or two before pup skittled off elsewhere so I should be able to add her in later!
I'd really like to paint more portraits and figures this year, which means I'll have to be organised enough to book sessions in with models and willing friends! Organisation seems to be 'word of the moment'! Perhaps because I thought I'd do lots of planning for 2012 in January and I haven't pinned things down as much as I should have yet!


  1. Hi Haidee-Jo,
    This is fantastic! Everything about it works. Beautiful brush work : )

  2. What a great painting! You've got the 'pre teen' slouch just right!


Thank you for your words!

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