Friday, January 27, 2012

Lola and tete-a-tete's

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Lola and tete-a-tete's
Spring has sprung in my house today. Wow! What an amazing experience this painting was for me. I was on a roll from the get-go with this one.
(First though, I had to clean the whole kitchen because the sunlight was highlighting the dust everywhere! Think Miss Havisham's mansion, but with less cobwebs...)
It was as though the painting was channelled through me. Sorry if that sounds New Age ... it felt like that to me, and I like to explain things to you ;)
I stood back at the end, drew a breath and thought 'whew'. Who did that? It didn't seem as though I had.
Oils on canvas board. 30 x 24cms.

Lola didn't hang around on the table too long. In fact she was using it as a temporary look-out post to see if Maisie was around below. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology - I know, you don't often hear ME saying those words - I snapped a few photos quickly on my new iphone 4, emailed them to my (no longer new!) iPad and this was my painting set up...

(Yes, my palette really was dirty before I started... well spotted, lady at the back there)

It began like this, a quick sketch with the brush, I already realised Lola's face was too near the edge so I would pull her in a bit as I continued...

Colourful shadows going in and then...

Spotty tablecloth! Suggestions of items on the dresser..

Et voila! Looks even more gorgeous in real life! On this photo you can't see the places where the paint is applied more thickly, and some of the shadows look a bit washed out here)
For a special treat to celebrate my 100th blog post here's another Lola and flowers painting you may like ;)

I would like to sincerely thank you all for following along with me, and all your lovely comments which come by text, email, comments on the blog and in person - which boost me up more than you could ever know! :)


  1. That, is a lovely painting! expertly made and with confidence

  2. Don't you love it when that happens? I call it OBE. Out of Body Experience. I usually know it's coming when I can "see" the finished painting in my head so I just get busy and enjoy the ride! It's better than you-know-what! (Depending on your age, I guess)

  3. Ha ha! Well it certainly was fun! I went to meet my friends for coffee straightaway after I'd finished and I half-expected them to notice something different about me! As though my hair would be standing on end or they could see me buzzing or something... they didn't of course! I still look the same on the outside ;)

  4. I adore this very lovely, Lola painting.


Thank you for your words!

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