Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Found objects

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Found objects
Latest news on Charlie, it's touch and go with his tail (again). The vet shaved his tail at the top end and discovered nine or ten bite marks, which have become infected. Whoever (probably a cat) has bitten his tail has possibly pulled very hard on it too which, combined with his previous nerve damage, has done him no favours whatsoever. Charlie was none-too-pleased with the shaving and the bathing of sore tail. I think he's already regaining movement so fingers crossed everybody!
Two of the items in this still life I found while walking Maisie today! The berries that look like cherries (cherries? In January? I wonder what they are and why the birds haven't eaten them) and the paintbrush pot (formerly from a light on a large vehicle perhaps?).
Oils on canvas board 15 x 15cms.
I have also been busy planning a series of workshops and the 'Isle of Painting' holiday in May which is going to be BIG fun!

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