Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Charlie's tail

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Charlie's tail
My beautiful Charlie, sweet natured chap. He's been away since Saturday morning and I have been a little worried. Although it isn't unusual for him to wander three extremely cold nights have passed.
He walked back in this morning and has been eating, purring and sleeping and seems fine except for one thing. His tail is hanging down limply when he walks, resting on the ground when he eats. When I stroke him all the way down his back his tail doesn't respond. It's just how he was when he was recovering from a car accident nearly two years ago. The vet was certain then that he would have to have it amputated but although the nerve damage was extensive he managed to regain full movement and kept his glorious tail. Whatever has happened this time I hope he manages to do it again. A limp tail with no movement or control can be a dangerous thing for a cat.
He gives me lots of love and companionship but also lots of worry this one!
Not that you'd know it, to see him sleeping in my studio with a smile on his face!
Oil on canvas panel, 20 x 20cms.

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