Thursday, December 8, 2011

Washing line

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Washing line
The rain has kept away today, finally a day to hang washing on the line! I love the long winter shadows across the garden. I wanted to keep the handling of the subject really broad, and not get sucked into little details. I think I have managed that.
The photo doesn't really do the painting justice!
In truth, the colours are brighter, the contrasts are greater, the dark areas darker, the whites brighter and there is a lush juicy creamy thickness to the paint!
The sunlit grass is more of a chartreuse green than the dirty yellow it looks here! :(
So please bear that in mind and I'll put a better photo on as soon as I can.
Now a big question for you... it occurred to me that I could add an orange ball to the grass just in front of Maisie's nose, give her something to look at!
What do you think? Ball or no ball?!


  1. Great painting Haidee-Jo! I think the orange ball would be a great addition. It looks like your focal point is the cloths on the line, so I would make the ball cooler rather than warm. Great work!

  2. That's a difficult one. My first reaction was no ball in that my attention would be drawn to it more than the rest of the painting. And then I thought that it would make it more lively with my imagination seeing Maisie playing and jumping around with the ball. So really I'm no help at all! P.S love the long shadows.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts both of you, and good point Brad. The orange would really catch the eye! Maybe I should wait til it's dry, cut some little ball shapes out of different coloured papers, take photos of the choices and we'll have a vote!

  4. Wow..beautifully stunning work! you are super talented..such gorgeous art! I found you from "purpletreeebird" lovely to meet you..and visit your beautiful blog!I look forward to exploring you fabulous art!

  5. Tough call! Adding the ball would make the painting read left to right with an effective full-stop. I guess it's worth long as you can just as easily remove it. Either way, I think the painting works.


Thank you for your words!

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