Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pumpkin, roses and clementines 1

Pumpkin, roses and clementines 1
   Can you imagine my delight today when
a) I saw Pumpkin (my biggest, heaviest cat and supposedly the mature sensible type) walk onto my wet canvas which was drying on the table and
b) I saw Maisie jump on a chair and sweep her tail over my palette full of oil paints.... Grrrr!
It's been raining all day and so while painting in the kitcen I've had the pleasure of the company of all three cats aswell as the dog.
The only upside was that Pumpkin then decided to join my still life subject (usually Charlie's trick) and I had a complete change of plan from what I was about to do. The roses are from the garden - still flowering in December!
I grabbed a large linen canvas (instead of the one with cat pawprints imprinted into it) and oh! What a joy it was to paint! This is definitely my preferred size of working, 20" x 20". I've been doing so many small things lately I'd forgotten how wonderful it is!
I really wanted to stick to a high key palette (which actually isn't as light - tonally- as I intended, with the colour of the linen showing through). I also wanted some ambiguity, vibrant colours and lively brush strokes and I think I've been quite successful on those fronts. I always love paintings with a shallow depth of field like this, as though the subject has been tilted up towards you.
Finally, here is a photo of my muse...


  1. This is quite beautiful, and fascinating the way you've tucked the cat into the composition.

  2. I LOVE your work!!!! "Pumpkin, Roses and Clementines" especially -- you are Extreeemely gifted, Wow.


Thank you for your words!

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