Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bright garden hens 2

Bright garden hens
Ooh I am SO cross with technology today!! Computer not working, iPad keeps crashing, iPhone not taking good photos, camera taking terrible photos (!), can't edit photos because computer not working.... sorry to moan but my 'blog-life' is pretty hard going right now!
I'll try to keep going but if I disappear for a few days or weeks you will know why.... but I WILL get all these bugs sorted one way or another so please stick with me!
I've finished my bright garden hens, and it is actually a lot brighter and less fuzzy than it looks on this photo!
I can tell you the children weren't too impressed with it... but I feel it's good to push yourself out of comfort zones and shake things up a bit... even if you don't immediately see the benefits, I believe it will pay you dividends somewhere down the line ;)


  1. It's funny comparing today's post with yesterdays! In actual fact the painting is somewhere in between the two - not as dark as this one, not as bright as yesterdays!

  2. Yes, I hear you! I've gotta say - I just love it! Lush colour, movement...feels great!

  3. Thank you Kim! I'm having such a blogging crisis at the mo, your words mean a lot!


Thank you for your words!

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