Monday, November 21, 2011

Segafredo teaser

I've been working from this photo on my ipad. I took photos of the cup of coffee I had after my delicious birthday lunch on Wednesday. I love the shape of these Segafredo coffee cups and the contrast of the cup against the bright red paper on the table!
Things looked pretty crazy at this stage! The red as seen against the blue-green underpainting. Whew!

I then placed the highlights. I know a lot of oil painters leave this stage until last, but I just couldn't resist!

Some of the mid-tones, shadow colours - and coffee!

Maisie waiting by my side for a walk...

Current stage! I couldn't quite finish before losing the daylight! I may leave it a few days before carrying on ... and you will be the first to see it when it is finished! I promise!

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