Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quelle surprise!!!

I have had the most amazing birthday and I do apologize for not painting but look what happened!! We caught the ferry across to the mainland to go out for lunch together, en famille, and when we got to the other side - HUGE surprise, three of my best friends from England were there (here!) for my birthday!! Now that red backpack on my back was full of paints so you can see I had all the right intentions!
I also had a fabulous surprise present from Tim... a beautiful painting that I love by Nigel Fletcher of a french cup of coffee and speculoos biscuit on the side and look....  here it is with my speculoos flavoured cake!!
I am so spoilt indeed! And here's another lovely present....
How adorable is that?! I have tried to add the embarrassing video footage of the moment of surprise.... but am unable to get it to work! Shame about that! I'll ask a child to help me put it on YouTube and then I'll let you know...!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Haidee had absolutely no idea, so well done Tim!

    After a day full of excitement we're all worn out :0)

    Thank you Gay for volunteering to drive hundreds of miles for such a surprise!


  2. happy bday to you and what a great bday you had! I've been enjoying your blog postings.

  3. Oh Happy Happy Birthday Haidee.
    What fun that must've been!! And your hubby is a charm ;)

  4. What a lovely surprise -- like the gifts. Happy Belated Birthday.

  5. Bon anniversaire!
    (en retard, mais je ne connaissais pas votre blog).Je connais bien Bréhat, je suis née en Bretagne, y ai vécu 20 ans, mon oncle Roger habitait Paimpol.
    Bonne continuation, et je vais lire votre blog!

  6. Bonjour Sylviane, c'est un petit monde! Paimpol est une ville trés jolie! ;) Merci pour les mots!


Thank you for your words!

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