Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little bird and clementines

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Little bird and clementines
I received a birthday present in the post today (nice surprise!) and it contained this little wooden bird which I thought would sit very nicely with the clementines!
Looking at it now I think it would make a good christmas card design!
It's something quite different for me as the surface of this painting is thick with texture - I even used a pallette knife which is something I don't usually enjoy! It will take a fair while to dry but will then be very touchy-feely!
It's painted in oils on a deep sided box canvas, with the sides painted orange (see picture below), 25 x 30 cms.
I promise when I am finished painting the clementines I'll go back to the boats in Paimpol...


  1. How weird! I was in Carrefour today buying Clementines... for a still life.

    Like the colours and richness of this little box painting, rich juicy paint and rich juicy fruit.

  2. Well great minds think alike Nigel! I also bought them at Carrefour... do you know what they taste as good as they look aswell! Trust you are better now ;)


Thank you for your words!

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