Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween bug

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Halloween bug
I had SO much fun today with this painting! This is my friend's orange VW beetle given a Halloween twist! I have been wanting to paint a pumpkin all week and as we were travelling back from England on the day of halloween I didn't get time to carve one (which is a double shame, as not only do I adore carved and lit pumpkins but I also lost out on the delicious pumpkin soup which is the usual by-product)!
Whilst in 'Halloween mode' of thinking I suggested to my friend that she dresses up her car by getting vinyl stickers made in the shape of a pumpkin's carved face. Wouldn't that be fun?
Then I thought 'hey, I can paint that and show how it would look!' thus satisfying my painting urge of the week!
My other bright idea was to move the lovely bug from Syston fruit farm where it was photographed to the jetty here on Brehat, which wouldn't in fact be allowed as there are no cars here but fun to imagine!
I am really pleased with the resulting painting which, by the way, is oils on canvas board 20 x 20cms.
Here is a detail...........
This painting is available now at auction and the starting price is $100 which in equivalent pounds sterling is only £62.44! If you click on the link above you're not committed to anything, it just takes you to the auction site for more information!
I also thought you might like to see some photos of the painting in process for a change so here goes...

I started with a sketch to work out how the pumpkin's face would look...

I then thought about the highlights and shadow areas and couldn't resist putting in the imaginary vinyl stickers!

It was at this stage that I fixated on the idea of having the sea behind!

It was lots of fun to paint! Now I'm thinking I seem to have a bit of an orange theme going on this week....!


  1. What a funny idea - a wonderful painting! Chapeau!

  2. love this painting, and your blog!

  3. Thank you Chris and merci Anja! It's so exciting to have your comments on my new blog :)


Thank you for your words!

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