Thursday, October 6, 2011

October sunlight

October sunlight
This leafy path is very near our house, the route of one of my regular walks with Maisie. Just behind where I am standing the path is bordered by a field with cows in it. This morning I was enchanted by the sunlight falling on the path and lighting up the foliage. I also like the pretty cottage that the path leads directly too. Can you spot the hidden cat?!
This is the stage I got up to while standing on the spot, and I then brought it home to finish...
The shadows had lengthened a lot in the hour or so I'd been there. When I paint en plein air I take photos at the beginning, and try to get as much information down on the canvas as I can in the first hour. It's like a race! That way if further work is needed I have reference photos of how it all was when I first saw the scene.
This oil painting is on a canvas panel, 30 x 30cms. If you would like to see it in more detail, click on the 'click to bid' link above. It doesn't commit you to anything, just takes you to my auction site where you can see all my current auctions!
By the way, the starting price for this auction is only $90 which is £58.55! You might like to treat yourself!

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