Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hot hot hot!

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Hot hot hot!
What is this October heatwave we're having?! Apparently it's the hottest October day in London since records began. Here it's reached 32 degrees and there were lots of folks heading to the beach to make the most of it! Great evening for our fete des voisins/street party tonight!
This is a hot painting! It's a still life arrangement that's been sitting on our garden table for the last few weeks, I loved the turquoise/green shadow that the bottle was casting over the shell. I wanted to keep to really hot bright colours and I think I've managed that. The lines in the table top are all wonky, hope that doesn't matter too much, I should have paid more attention in the initial stage when I sketched it out with my brush! Let that be a lesson to me....
Size wise it's pretty large this one... 40 x 40 cms, oil on canvas board, ready to frame....

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