Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today's work in progress...

Don't worry! Maisie is all clean again as you can see! Now I didn't want you to think I haven't been working today, I've been working hard! I haven't managed to finish the painting yet but realised I needed to take a photo for you before I lose the light altogether! You can see my lovely new brushes from Rosemary & Co and my messy pallette and a tonal sketch I did beforehand to help me out... literally dark and light with no in-betweens! It's a great exercise to do as it forces you to choose (dark or light? light.. or dark?) and simplify!
I've been adding a lot of oil to the paints so it might be difficult to get a good (non-glare) photo when it's still wet but I'll give it a go for you tomorrow...after I've completed it to a level of satisfaction, hopefully! Bon weekend!

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