Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Portrait of Milly

Portrait of Milly
It's a little portrait study of Milly today, oils on canvas board 15 x 15cms. I had her pose for me for a little while at the kitchen table because I liked the way her hair was down and curling, and also her necklaces. She has ended up looking pretty sad but she didn't want to pose and I had to bribe her with chocolate biscuits.
I imagine she was wishing herself somewhere else!
This morning I went out to paint as the weather was so beautiful, not a single cloud in the sky and a slight breeze but a warm one. I didn't manage to get the landscape painting finished as it will need a few days to dry off before I can continue. Hence my requesting the favour from Milly! She loves it really! Oh... she doesn't, apparently....  

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