Monday, September 26, 2011

Maisie in red

Maisie in red
Maisie wants to sleep and sleep today! I think she's trying to forget about the day spent at the Disneyland kennels on Saturday! The crate she was in was just like the one at the vets when she was spayed a couple of months ago. When we got back to the hotel she flopped down under the sofa bed, looked at me reproachfully and licked the exact place on her leg that was shaved for her anaesthetic when she was at the vets! Funny girl! It was just like she was saying 'I can't believe you did that to me AGAIN'!
This is an oil painting on canvas which measures 20 x 20 cms. The red continues around the edges of the canvas and would be ready to hang with no frame needed. Please click on the 'click to bid' link above where you will also be able to see my seven other paintings currently at auction. All have very low starting prices (click the currency converter button to see just how low!) and some of the auctions are ending soon so give it a go!

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  1. Haidee Jo, I love this painting!
    Thanks so much for following my blog and luring me over here.
    Your work is just wonderful. Love your sense of color and your drawing and design are right on.


Thank you for your words!

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