Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Chappie!

Happy Chappie!
Ta-da! Here's the sunflower! Again a gorgeous day here so I spent the last two or three hours finishing off my cheerful sunflower. I think he couldn't fail to lift your spirits if you were having a bad day (which, I hope, you're not!).
This is painted in oils on a canvas panel, 30 x 40cms, and the price if you would like it to be yours is £240 or 255 euros, unframed. Almost couldn't finish that sentence because I looked outside and saw that my easel had fallen over...luckily, the painting was on it's back, not face down!
My new brushes arrived today....sooo exciting! I was able to put them to use immediately! Need to go off and wash them now though....
I also need to wash The Dog (so-called because she's in disgrace) as she has tipped over the crab bucket and rolled in the dead crabs and the 'perfumed' water and smells...indescribable!

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