Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Big Love

Big Love or crab haul #1
I was enjoying a bright and breezy stroll along the beach with Maisie earlier when I came across a small orange crab shell which I stepped over, nothing unusual about finding the odd crab shell lying around and I wasn't planning on bringing anything home. Then very soon I saw another, mottled and purple. Suddenly I saw them together as a still life, so I started collecting. It was a veritable crab graveyard today! I came back with three empty shells and six whole dead crabs, including these two. I feel a little series might be in order!
The only snag is the smell......oh dear! I had to paint them outside, which is why we have the strong violet shadow. I love the shadow shapes cast by the pincers!
I've called it Big Love because the large crab seems protective towards the smaller one! If you are interested it's painted in oils on a deep sided 'box' canvas, 30 x 30cms, so wouldn't need a frame to hang on your wall. £190/200 euros plus a little for postage.
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